Cedar Shingle Removal

Mosaic Shingle Company Cedar Shingle Removal Instructions

1. Slide the cedar shingle removal tool under first shingle on existing course to be removed and work upwards pulling shingle out slightly. (Note: work tool left to right and in and out very lightly so as to just make room for pulling tool without pulling shingle outward off of house)

Slide Tool Behind Shingle To Be Removed:

cedar shingle removal

Pull Outward Only Until You Hear The Nails Pop, No Further Than Pictured:

cedar shingle removal tool

2. Move cedar shingle removal tool left to right as you work it slightly in and out and move the tool up behind the shingle to be removed. Once tool is approximately 7” above bottom of shingle work left and right and pull down towards the ground with tool to catch nails. (Note: there will most commonly be nails 1” in from left and right side of shingle but may vary. You may need to search around to catch the nails)

Once tool is hooked on a nail, hit down on tool handle lightly with a hammer to slide nail and shingle straight down towards the ground. (Note: be careful not to pull outwards on tool so as to pull shingle away from house, shingle should be slid downward towards ground)

cedar shingle repair

patch shingles

Channel lock pliers can be used to grab the bottom of the shingles while tapping downward with a hammer

patching cedar shingles

3. Once shingle is removed, work cedar shingle removal tool to the right and left underneath shingles above to find and pull any remaining nails. Once all nails are removed the new replacement shingle should slide up into space left by removed shingle.

If replacement shingle will not slide up all the way up there are more nails remaining. Repeat step 3 as needed until all nails are removed and new shingle easily slides into place.

dasco shingle puller